Graphic Works

Not everything I do is full-stack strategy to delivery. Below are a selection of graphic works completed for passion sake, skill exchange or currency.

'Make guts pretty' - A6 business card featuring the human digestive system as an arrangement of pastel shapes.

Winning design in the LSRF tee shirt design contest, featuring Ram Dass, someone who's lectures have had a great impact on me. The design is now available in their webstore despite it not winning a public instagram vote - the folks at LSRF just loved it that much!

Despite never quite launching, I am proud of Endur, a branding project for a running coach. The logo is bold, geometric and symbolic of the business' mission -to help people endure the climb to their achieving their goals.

A light floral business card design for a tattoo artist (now rebranded as Linear Tattoo).

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