Linear Tattoo

During a recent visit to my hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand, I connected with a local artist and close friend, Rob. We discussed creating a brand for his private tattoo studio. We looked at his vision for the business and through two strategy sessions we set the goal to: Build a personal and professional brand which enables a higher standard of art and clientele.

It was a collaborative process with rob providing input and sketches. I facilitated strategy,  shot video & stills for the website and produced design deliverables.

Working with Rob's sketch of a neo-gothic 'L' letterform, I refined the shapes and added the business name to produce a final logo. Its bold shapes contrast an otherwise minimal visual style. It is used across all business touch points as a complete logo or standalone letterform.

The Linear Tattoo website features a fullscreen video as the landing page. It is coloured to fit the visual identity and brings the viewer into the intimate setting of the private studio right away.

These square format business cards double as appointment cards for clients.

Identity is carried through to documents that the client takes away from the studio, establishing the brand at all stages of the experience.
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