MIX Blockchain

Working with the founder of MIX Blockchain to create a visual identity and assets for use across web and print.

Before I could create an identity I (mostly) wrapped my head around the blockchain and MIX, both very complex technologies. What started as a logo commission from a chance meeting in Vietnam evolved into my first client relationship with work including digital art and complete identity system.

The MIX logo is a geometric torus paired with widely spaced sans serif type. The torus was used as a graphic element to create complimentary assets as seen in the background. The network of lines and nodes allude to the decentralised nature of the blockchain technology.

'Whirlpool' - A commissioned digital art-piece featuring the MIX identity. Its depth and detail is produced by the MIX logo repeated, scaled and rotated with low opacity.

'Cyclone - Cosmos' Desktop wallpaper with a central MIX network.

Visual identity as applied to printed business cards for use at blockchain meetups and conferences.

Tee shirt design for use at conferences. A new graphic was produced for the rear of the tee  - a MIX logo breaking through the network surrounded by the slogan.

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